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RFP: Assessment of Coastal Hazards and Climate Change Adaptation Technologies for the Coastal Region of West Africa and Cameroon Using the Coastal Hazard Wheel (CHW)

Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTNC) Request for Technical Assistance
Budget/ Amount of Finance available: $250- 300K
Deadline for applying: November 3

Summary of the Opportunity
The CTCN has posted a detailed RFP to provide technical assistance to the West African Coastal Observation Mission (WACOM) to strengthen their monitoring, planning, multi-risk assessment and identification of the most appropriate adaptation technology options for the coastal region of West Africa and Cameroon.

Main activities:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment and analysis of data available at national and regional level and of their integration into the CHW system;
  • Organize a regional training session for WACOM’s national antennas focal points and the regional coordination unit as well as the technical team of Cameroon on the methodology and the practical application of the CHW tool;
  • Train the experts of the national antennas and the regional coordination unit of WACOM and other relevant researchers on the data management available in the CHW system for the mapping of risks and adaptation options;
  • Update the classification and mapping of coastal risks and adaptation options, using the CHW and / or Google Earth web application;
  • Identify, evaluate and formulate a series of recommendations for appropriate technological options to be implemented for the sustainable management of the main coastal risks;
  • Formulate recommendations for better optimization of the future application of the CHW tool in Cameroon, WACOM’s and other regions.

Expected impacts during the implementation period of CTCN technical assistance are:

  • Strengthened capacity of at least one hundred and thirty five (135) experts from national offices and researchers (15 experts per country for the 9 involved in the technical assistance) working in the field of coastal risk assessment and management and adaptation strategies;
  • The identification of at least 5 to 10 appropriate technological options that will be implemented in the context of the various ongoing and / or future projects and programs of WACOM and Cameroon;
  • The operationalization of a data collection and exchange system at national and regional level able to maintain national and regional databases and to feed the application CHW.

In the long term, the expected impacts of CTCN technical assistance are:

  • Developing and / or updating five (05) West African Coastal Master Plans[1] and one (01) Cameroon Coastal Master Plan[2] in the next 10 years using the information and data produced;
  • Developing and / or updating nine (09) national planning documents or coastal adaptation action plans in the next 10 years using the information and data produced;
  • Building the potential resilience capacity of at least 3 million people living in the coastal areas of the 9 countries involved in technical assistance.

The RFP states they are looking for the following experts/expertise:

  • Expert Coastal Hazard Wheel / Project Coordinator
  • Expert in coastal risks
  • Gender and coast risks expert
  • GIS expert
  • Expert in coastal engineering

Further information and details can be found at:

Note that companies do not need to be a CTCN network member to bid, but they must submit a completed application for CTC Network membership (free) before the bid closure and have the application acknowledged by the CTCN. For more information on CTCN membership, contact Richard Janecky at Natural Resources Canada: (613-808-4002).

The application for CTCN network membership can be found at:

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